COMS 100

All Public Speaking students are required by the Communication Studies Dept. to attend two (2) outside of class speaking events during the semester


COMS Dept. hosted events - (written assignment or evaluation NOT required for the below events only)

Credit will only be received by attending the following events and submitting the yellow attendance verification form prior to leaving the venue
(Forms will not be accepted directly from students in the days following the event)






EVENT 2: -Speakers Forum



COMS 100 - Department events require a ticket purchase, however, a written report of the event will NOT be required.
Attendance and submission of yellow verification form at the end of the event will result in event credit.


Can be purchased for a discounted price with student ID if purchased before the event date.


Alternative Credit Option

For students that are not able to attend one of the above events, there is an option to find an outside speaker who is doing a prepared platform speech that fulfills the outside speaker requirements.

The alternative speaker event MUST be found by the student and proposed to the instructor at least 3-5 days prior to the event.


Upon approval, students will receive the details and criteria to receive credit, a speaker evaluation form to complete and be required to complete a 2 page summary of the speakers speech organization, development and delivery (not just a recap of what was covered). The summary will be due within one week of observing the speaker.