Sometimes finding what YOU consider a "good" topic for your speech can be difficult.

Try to select something that is creative, unique, exciting, interesting for you AND your audience. Try to avoid mundane or typical topics that have been discussed time and time again or topics that may be relatively familiar to your audience.

Remember that once you compile your list of topics you need to evaluate each one. Many topics can be developed into informative as well as persuasive speeches. If your topic can go both ways a good idea would be to write out a summary that is about a paragraph or so on how you will present the information. Doing that should help you get a good idea  as to whether or not you will be presenting it in an informative manner or a persuasive manner.

Below are links that will take you to some resources to help select a topic. Remember to try and select a topic that interests you so that you will be more successful in developing a strong informative speech or persuasive speech.

If you have any questions contact me as soon as possible.

Good Luck


COMS 100 - Public Speaking

Approved Informative Speech Topics

COMS 100 - Public Speaking

Approved Persuasive Speech Topics