Info Outline Criteria

The outline is 25 points...It must include 

Intro: Attention getter and greeting w/Full name intro, Topic Revelation Statement, and preview of main points.

Body: W/ Main points and supporting points written out in sentence outline format (Sources cited in outline body) (Review text)

Conclusion: That restates the topic revelation statement or summarizes the main points. 

Works Cited List: At Least 5 sources listed in MLA Style
(Minimum of 3 non-web sources)

Remember for outlining you should use

Thesis (Topic Revelation Statement), 
Main Point, and sub points to support it, 



Greeting and name
Preview of points

I. Main Point 1
    A. Sub-point
    B. Sup-point
             1. Sub-Sub-point (Work Cited)
    C. Sup-point

II. Main Point 2
    A. Sub-point
    B. Sup-point (Work Cited)
             1. Sub sub-point
             2. Sub sub-point
    C. Sup-point

III. Main Point 3
    A. Sub-point (Work Cited)
    B. Sup-point
             1. Sub sub-point
                    a. sub sub sub-point      
    C. Sup-point

Summarize points
Closing Statement

Outlines MUST be turned in or you will not be allowed to present your speech!!!

(What are the Rockefeller Drug Laws - MORE informative)
(More exercise will improve your health - MORE Persuasive)

1. Develop an informative speech.
2. Develop effective research and organization in preparing a speech.
3. Analyze your Audience and adapt your message to them
4. Practice delivery and presentation skills. 
5. Inform, teach or enlighten your audience

Gathering Information:
Hopefully, you will have knowledge on your topic already.  However, part of your assignment is to find additional sources.  You are "required" to have at least 5 sources.  You are not an additional source.  There are many sources available in the Library and the Reference Librarians are waiting to help you find them.  

Include the sources that you will cite in your speech in your reference section.  Please use complete citations. MLA format is required for your citations.  If you aren't familiar with these style of citations you can ask the school Librarian for clarification or you can find some excellent examples online

An interview (using your interview skills and a schedule) would be an excellent source and I encourage you to interview an outside source for your speech if there is a credible person available.