Info Delivery Tips

When presenting your speech here is a checklist of things that you will want to be aware of while practicing your presentation (Sample presentation below)

When you do your introduction
-Greeting and full name (Hello my name is John Smith)
-Topic Revelation Statement (Today I will inform you about Yosemite National Park)
-Preview your upcoming points (First I will discuss some of the wildlife that is at the park, Then I will talk about the various activities the park offers, Finally I will share with you the wonderful scenery that exists in the park.)

When you go into the body of your speech
(you MUST cite your sources during your speech)

The first thing I will discuss is the wildlife at the park.
According to Parks and Recreation magazine, Yosemite National park is the home to nearly 1500 different animal species. If you are a nature lover this offers and abundance of opportunity to see wild animals in their natural environment and also a chance to capture many amazing photographs. I've had a chance to visit the park myself and my favorite animals to watch are the bear cubs because they love to play and run around.

In an article I found in the Fresno Bee newspaper, the reporter quoted a park ranger who mentioned that despite the high number of tourists that visit the park each year. The wildlife which includes not only bears but also foxes, mountain lions, squirrels, rabbits, hawks, and many more are able to prosper offering a great wildlife experience for visitors.

Next I will share with you some of the activities that are offered in the park.
According to the California Department of Park Services Yosemite National Park offers more activities than any other park in the state. With miles of back roads there are horseback riding tours, as well as group bike rides. With 25 different camping areas covering nearly 2000 acres of land, the park offers picnicking, hiking, and family camping.
According to High Sierra Hiking Guide Yosemite one of the most popular activities is hiking up half dome during the summer time.

In the heart of the park is a vast lake that offers boating and jet skiing for those who are adventurous at heart and fishing for those who want to challenge the abundance of fish that live there. With so many activities this can be a great vacation for the entire family or an expedition to challenge those who are adventurous at heart. A very popular tourist attraction the park has over 4 million visitors annually who partake in many of the activities offered.

Finally I will discuss some of the scenery that is visible in the park
In an article published by the Journal of Art, Yosemite National Park offers some magnificent landmarks that are a photographers dream and a sightseers fantasy. First I will start off with the waterfalls, coming from a mountain river, they cascade down nearly 1000 feet and have multiple levels, amazing enough to leave any viewer in awe of its beauty. There is also a magnificent view of Half Dome, it is a granite dome that has a crest that reaches nearly 5000 feet above the valley floor.

The conclusion of your speech should sum up what you just informed the audience about
Today I have informed you about some of the wildlife, activities, and scenery that is offered at Yosemite National park. For more information you can contact the California Department of Parks and recreation or the Yosemite national park information office at 555-xxx-xxxx