This is the last Speech of the semester and there will be no opportunities for make up.

If you are having trouble deciding on a topic for your persuasive speeches, here is a list of some topics to give you ideas. 
Look through the list and see if there is anything that interests you.

Persuasive Speech Topics

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Adoption: the right to know 
Affirmative Action Laws 
Aids choices for Life 

Air Bags 
Aliens and UFO's: Yes or no
Amnesty: Should prisoners receive this? 
Animal Rights 
Are there Angels among us?
Assisted Suicide
Birth Control
Books: are they a thing of the past
Breast Feeding in Public
Breast Implants
Beauty is more than skin deep
Brand Names cost more, but is the quality any better
Budgeting as well as spending
Capital Punishment
Censorship of Internet
Chat Rooms: Are they safe
City Curfews
Conservation and Recycling: Is it Important


Cults Kill
Does Dieting lead to Eating Disorders
Discrimination Laws
Divorce: Does it destroy children
Donor Insemination: Selling Babies
Drinking Age
Drunk Driving
Eating Less Meat

The Economy
Filtering Internet

First Amendment Issues
Fourth Amendment Issues

Food Additives
Food Stamps
Fur is not a Fashion Statement (using animal fur for coats)
Should American companies go overseas for workers?
Gay Marriages
Gene Testing
Genetic Engineering
Ghosts: Are they real
Global Warming: Fact or Fiction
Government Regulation of Utilities
Gun Laws
Hunting Laws 
Illiteracy: Is it a problem
Immigrants and Illegal Aliens Immunity 
Rights for Political Leaders 
Legalizing Marijuana
Legalized Gambling
Mandatory Seatbelt Laws

Media Ethics
Mothers should stay at home
Nuclear Weapons
Online Gambling
Organ Transplants
Pesticide Use
Prayer in Schools
Priests: Should they be allowed to marry?
Privacy rights for Celebrities
Public Office Terms
Religions: Should they interfere with medical care?
Right to own Pit bulls
Smoking in Public Places
Space Program
Speed Limits

Stem Cell Research
Is stomach stapling the way to lose weight?

Tax Laws
Test Tube Babies
Unemployment Compensation

Women in the Military
Wrestling and Football: Should girls be allowed?