Who Am I Speech- Culture Bag

 “Who Am I” speech –     Time: 3-5 Minutes       Point Value: 50pts

You will share a collection of artifacts and items that describe you. The “bag” or carrier can also be an expression of you and your interests. You may include items that exemplify historical events for you and your family, important events in your life, hobbies, and interests. Collect items from your home, your car, etc. Try to include about 5-7 items with the bag.

As you develop your speech you can create main points by considering some of the following items to address:

What is the origin of my family name?
What are some hobbies that I enjoy?
What stories have been passed down?
What cultural traditions have been handed down in your family?
Artifacts that represent your culture and what they mean to you?
What are things who have made me who I am today?
What historical events affected your family most (cultural events, etc).

The purpose of this speech is to share with the audience things that make you who YOU are.

This is a graded speech worth 50 points you will be graded on ability to develop the proper speech structure including, 3 parts of the speech and their elements, relevant content, smooth flow through your speech, good delivery elements and anxiety management.

This speech allows for creativity in your thinking as long as your content is appropriate and sticks to the criteria of representing you.