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Letters of Recommendation

So You Want A Letter of Recommendation HUH?

Details for requesting a letter of recommendation from Prof. Leach.

Reference letters give educational programs and future employers a way to gain insight into a candidate’s background and capabilities. A reference letter often explains the success, achievements, skills, duties and personal qualities you possess that make you ideal for the role you are seeking. A solid reference letter should point out instances of your ability to communicate both verbally and in writing. It may also mention intelligence, flexibility, willingness to accept responsibility and how you showed initiative in the classroom or on the job.

Students often request references or letters of recommendation in order to help with scholarships, internships, four year college transfer or acceptance and employment opportunities.

In order for me to be comfortable in providing accurate information that I feel is representative of the student and person, those seeking this letter based on having me as an instructor MUST have completed at least one full course as a student in one of my classes. The letter will be based on your participation, attendance and performance on assigned work and in class activities. I will be honest in any letters that I am asked to prepare so you should be concious of your performance in my class since that is what will be reflected in the letter, whether good or bad.

Those who are seeking a letter of recommendation as a personal reference will need to have known me for at least one year in a capacity that allows me to have a comfortable understanding of who they are in order to provide accurate and detailed information about them in a letter of recommendation.

Information that should be provided with the request: The nature of the letter (scholarship, college admittance, internship, job, etc.) who it needs to be addressed to, the deadline for the letter and how it should be submitted.

My goal as an educator is to prepare those who participate in my courses for their future endeavors. I am proud to write letters of recommendation for those who have made the effort to be successful and continue moving forward.


*IMPORTANT - Unsolicited online recommendations that I have not been notified about ahead of time by the requesting student will not be completed.


If you have questions regarding a letter of recommendation you can send me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.