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COMS 100

Greetings Students
Welcome to COMS 100 - Public Speaking

In this course students will compose, present, and evaluate original speeches. Emphasis is placed on audience analysis, topic selection, research, evidence, organization, delivery, and critical analysis of persuasive communication.


**Students enrolled in COMS 100 - Public Speaking are required to attend two (2) out-of- class speaking events during the semester.


The textbook for the class is "Exploring Public Speaking: 4th Ed" by Tucker, Barton, et. al


Make sure you review the text to be familiar with some of the prinicples that help improve public speaking skills and presentations. If you have any questions please contact me at the email address I provided on the syllabus.

Study Hard, PRACTICE & Good Luck
Professor Leach



NOTE*** The material on this site is provided to supplement course content. It should not be considered a substitute for reading the textbook & attending class.