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COMS 265

Greetings Students
Welcome to COMS 265 - Mass Communication

In this course, students examine the ways in which books, newspapers, magazines, film, radio, television, music, the Internet, public relations, and advertising and more have influenced, and continue to influence, society. The communication process, mass communication theory, and media regulation are discussed with particular attention paid to communication ethics.


The evolution of media, especially the converging of media formats will be explored throughout the course.


The textbook for the class is "Media & Culture 13th Ed" by Campbell, Martin, Fabos


Make sure you try and familiarize yourself with the content of each chapter as we progress through the course. You can utilize the chapter review section at the end of each chapter to help retain the key elements of each chapter.  If you have any questions please contact me at the email address I provided on the syllabus.

Study Hard & Make me proud
Professor Leach

NOTE*** The material on this site is provided to supplement course content. It should not be considered a substitute for reading and reviewing the textbook & attending class.


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