COMS 130 – Research Project Sample Blogs

Below are some sample blogs of research topics from previous semesters. 

As your group begins to develop and work on your research project, make sure to review the guidelines and if you are not sure about something, let me know so I can offer clarity. Start looking for possible topics once you create your group so tha tyou can find a topic that is interesting to the group and also fitting for the assignment. Past groups have waited to find a topic and had no direction or focsu on what they really were trying to research. Also take advantage of the blog set-up to organize your content. Don't pic a wordpress theme that is too complicated for your group to edit or manage as it will result in missing menu items or ALL of the content on one screen.


Sample Blogs:

Effects of Social Media

TV and Social Development

Music and Popular Culture

Video Games and Life - Take time to develp a strong and clear research question

Advertising and the Internet - Make sure the media question is REALLY a question

The media and immigration - Select a theme that allows for clear menu itmes and posts

The Media and Social Issues - Start looking for topic ideas early